Awake, walking

The sleep, it is elusive.

Last night seemed to go better than the several preceding it, but I still feel like hammered excrement this morning, so maybe I just think I slept OK?

Whatever, here’s a photo I took the other day while out on a walk.

I’ve done a lot of walking this summer. Whenever the weather permits, I’m outside, and I usually take at least a few photos while strolling around. Unfortunately, the area I live in is a little…boring.

See, I grew up around woods and flowers and fields, spent my entire life within walking distance of green parks and flowing rivers, and basically take “the beauty of nature” for granted. No, it’s more than that.

I’m kind of sick of nature.

I’d rather shoot concrete jungles, rusting cars, and graffiti. Crowded streets, subways, and sewers. Preferably in a city that’ll never see snow, which will be coming my way all too soon.

There’s was some broader point I was going to try making here about the grass being greener, or finding the beauty in what you have, but honestly? I’m both too tired think, and too tired to fake enthusiasm when I’m this close to another New England winter.

Yeah. Fuck winter.