It’s the end of the year as we know it

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve–a time generally associated with parties, staying up past midnight, and making resolutions.

Me? My idea of a party is a cup of coffee and a book, I can’t even remember the last time I stayed up past ten, and I pretty much took care of my “resolutions” back in October. (That’s still going very well, by the way.)

Given all that, what’s left for me to say about the close of 2017 and the opening of 2018?

Not a whole lot, really.

It’s cold, of course. It’s been insanely cold for about a week now, and looks like it’s going to be at least another week before we stop seeing single-digit (or negative) temperatures.

It’s also kind of anti-climactic. That might not be the right phrase, but it’s close. See, most of the people I know really, really hated 2016 and had high hopes for the then-coming year. And when that one didn’t prove much better, well…people don’t seem to be hoping for a good 2018, as such, and more like they’re…bracing themselves for it. Like they’re on the last, cold watch of night, facing an uncertain dawn.

But take heart! Regardless of how it might feel right now, there is, indeed, one thing that’s certain: many ancient cultures actually started their years on the Spring Equinox.

So, if this New Year doesn’t work out, you can legitimately call a “do-over” in March.

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