More night thoughts

As I laid me down to sleep

All of science (the “hard” sciences, anyway) is built upon an appeal to a common experience. We agree on the definitions of mass, distance, time, and charge, as well as the means and units employed to observe and measure these attributes.

In addition, we agree to follow certain rules of reasoning with regard to what we may conclude from such observations, because these rules tend to lead to conclusions we can verify against this common experience.

However, the “common experience” understood by science has became so nuanced and complex that no single human being can possibly hold it all in mind. Even scientists must rely heavily on other scientists, building their own analyses and explanations upon the word-of-mouth analyses and explanations of others.

So, has science really “replaced faith,” as some would say it, or has science simply replaced faith in a God with faith in one’s fellow humans?

Huh. I could really go for a taco right now.