Shortly after writing my whole, “Bad at Fun” post, I decided to start setting aside some time to just chill and watch movies. I’ve been trying to do this every day–and mostly succeeding–but man…it’s hard to sit still for two hours. I keep having to stop my mind from wandering off, or getting all anxious about All The Things that I “should” be doing.

I’m getting past all that, though, mostly be turning the whole “movie watching” thing into a task, in and of itself.

See, the American Film Institute has this list on their site, of the “100 Greatest American Films of All Time,” and it turns out that I’ve watched a shamefully small number of them. At least, in recent memory.

When you last saw a movie 30 years ago, and can’t remember the first thing about it, does it really count as being watched?

So, I’ve started watching the movies on that list, more or less in order, whether or not I’ve seen them before.

And by treating it like a to-do list, I’ve managed to keep at it pretty steadily!

I’m pretty sure this isn’t the healthiest approach, and probably works against my long-term goal of learning to “just chill,” but it’s what I need now.