Night Thoughts

These are the thoughts I think when I should be sleeping and not thinking…

Someone should make a science-fiction re-skin of House, filled with aliens, and with a main character who specializes in xenobiology. Kind of a Babylon 5 with Dr. Stephen Franklin as the focus, type thing.

They should make shoes with removable, washable linings. That way we wouldn’t need socks. Wait. Damn it. I think I justĀ described socks.

Why are we still using terms like “mobile phone,” “cell phone,” and “smart phone?” Why don’t we just say “phone” at this point? And now that I think about it, why are we even referring to the phone part of these things in the first place? Isn’t that theirĀ least used function nowadays?

Since cats have barbed, Hellraiser penises, doesn’t that mean creationists kinda have to believe God is a dog person?

You know, if I had Bill Gates’ money, I’d drop, like, half of my $80+ billion fortune into a non-profit built to work with groups like the Girl Scouts of America to get girls and young women seriously exposed and into STEM. Just grab up as many awesome educators, engineers, and scientists, create study programs and materials, and raise just about the most incredible and populous generation of lady nerds in history.

Man, I hate gum.

And then I drift off to sleep.