Intermittent Interludes

My daughter’s summer vacation began last week, spinning my already-unpredictable schedule into a new dimension of chaos. I’ve got so many different things going on–each dependent, in equal parts, on the weather and my mood–that trying to work according to any sort of plan is beyond futile.

In no particular order…

  • The RPG is in play-testing mode, a necessary and time-consuming step in the process of getting the game’s rules together. And due to certain…realities of this collaboration with my friend, I’m pretty much stuck in a holding pattern until we have the rules sorted. No new writing, no revision work, no layout–so, I basically get the summer off from this thing, outside of my role as a play-tester.
  • I continue to go out with my camera whenever the weather is good. However…
  • Now that my daughter is home, getting outside and walking around together without the distraction of my camera is a thing that’s also happening, and by definition that takes some time away from shooting.
  • I’ve been working on a number of projects that require stinky chemicals like contact cement and spray paint. My daughter’s costume is one, art I’m doing for it’s own sake is another. Since all of the required nasty substances require a “well-ventilated area,” and the only well-ventilated place you can find in a mobile home is outside, a fair bit of good weather is being eaten up by these projects.
  • That “art for it’s own sake,” thing? That deserves a post of its own, but the bottom line is that I’ve found myself in the grip of an unrelenting need to create and experiment with various forms of visual art. And while I’m enjoying this journey immensely, it’s also taking up an immense amount of my time and attention.
  • I’ve had an idea for a novel kicking around in my skull for quite some time, and lately it’s been very insistent.

These are the big draws on my time, but there’s about a dozen other little things I’m trying to get done this summer, and the whole unsorted mess is making my head spin. I’m writing this post at about 7:30 on Monday morning, and I seriously have no idea what I’ll be doing right after it’s written, let alone how the day’s going to shape up overall.

I’d say I feel like something has gone horribly wrong with my life to be in this situation, but honestly? Flying blind doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would.

Getting Crafty

The weather’s been a lot better since my last post. Well, mostly better. It was unbearably hot for a couple of days (with the thermometer on my porch hitting 100 degrees at one point), but I’d rather suffer a day or two of sweltering heat than another month of gray skies and rain.

Still haven’t done much of anything, though. I’ve been too caught up in either personal business (which I’ll write about sooner or later) or some projects which I’ve been meaning to get to.

Projects like learning how to make costumes and props out of craft foam.

See, my daughter has a habit of coming up with elaborate costume ideas for Halloween, and we both have interests which tend toward the geeky–interests which could be more effectively served if we knew how to make our own garb and implements to go with them.

So, I finally broke down and bought what amounts to a foam crafting starter kit. Cutting mat, utility knife, contact cement–the whole haul shown in the photo at right. And oh, ho, ho! I’m so not done shopping yet.

Anyway, if you’re wondering where I’ve been and what I’ll be doing until whenever I next update this thing, now you know the answer.

Slack and Woe

Well, my streak was bound to end sooner or later. Haven’t published a blog post since Thursday, only barely touched the socials, and I’ve done almost no work for, like, a week.

Mostly, I blame the weather.

Here in my corner of the world, we’re basically getting week-long streaks of mid-fifties temperatures, gray skies, and rain, broken up by maybe a day here and there of “partly sunny” sixties.

This isn’t exactly what you’d call “ideal” for a person whose mental state has somehow become incredibly dependent on the weather in recent years, and who’s just set walking and photography as the twin pillars of all his stress relief.

So, my last couple of weeks can basically be summed up by the following conditional…

If the weather forecast looks like crap, I will watch Netflix and maybe get half an hour or an hour of work done on something. Otherwise, I will grab my camera, go outside, and walk until my feet and legs beg me to stop.

What I really need at this point is a good four or five day stretch of solidly good weather so that a) I’m no long bogged down by whatever this environmental depression-esque mood thing is, and b) that I don’t feel like Mr. Sun is so rare I have to throw everything else aside to embrace it like it’s the last time we’ll ever see each other.

Not sure when that’s happening, though, so here, have a Buddha.