Refocusing — week 6

It’s been another week of not-too-many updates, but I’m not really beating myself up too much over that. I’ve been busy with appointments, errands, holiday shopping–it’s kinda been one of those months already.

Whatever. I’m hitting the important, “Refocusing“-related posts, and that’s enough for me. And speaking of, how’d I do this week?

Progress report — week 6

(I notice now that in my copy/paste frenzy, last week’s “Progress report” heading said it was still week four. Oh well.)

As always, I’ll give each of my goals a grade separately, then catalog my results below.

I will spend one hour a day exercising and stretching.

Okay, this one’s still a pain in my ass, but I’m doing better. I continue to stretch every day, and I went for a walk five days out of the seven. I’m not yet exercising every single day, and I’m not hitting the one hour goal when I do, but I’m improving. In fact, I think I might even be starting to enjoy walking outside in the cold. I can’t explain it, but that appears to be what’s happening.

I’m giving myself a C for this goal. I’m making progress, but I definitely need to do better.

I will use a meal planner to eat healthier.

What’s that sound? Is it me nailing this goal over and over again? Why, yes. Yes it is.

Another A+.

I will spend one hour a day on meditation and related practices.

Ditto with this one. This goal’s practically a lay up.


I will spend one hour a day with my family members.

This one, too. Totally nailing it.


I will create something every day.

This goal, though, not so much. As with my exercise goal, I’ve made progress, but I’m not quite where I need to be. What’s more, I don’t really know how to “fix” this. Doing better, though, so there’s that.

Giving myself another B- here.


It’s been another great week. I’m feeling awesome, lost another three pounds, and continue to be very happy–both with my “Refocusing” and in general.

How are you doing?

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