Refocusing — week 7

Another week, another check-in, and–surprise surprise–things are still going well. I’m thinking of moving to a once-a-month schedule for these updates, because success has made them kind of “samey.” Then again, if I did that, this blog would probably be even more barren than it is.

Haven’t made a decision yet, though, so let’s just get to it.

Progress report — week 7

As always, I’ll give each of my goals a grade separately, then catalog my results below.

I will spend one hour a day exercising and stretching.

I’m doing much better here! I’ve gotten out every single day for at least one walk, and every walk has been at least a mile. The cold hasn’t bothered me a bit. In fact, I’m still enjoying it. I continue to stretch every day, as well. That said, I’m still not quite hitting the one-hour mark. If I had to guess, I’m at about 30, maybe 40 minutes.

I’m going to give myself a B for this goal.

I will use a meal planner to eat healthier.

This goal is hilariously easy at this point. I’m really only ever hungry at meal times, have almost zero cravings for “junk food,” and those I do have are easily dismissed.


I will spend one hour a day on meditation and related practices.

Again with the awesome. I am owning this goal.


I will spend one hour a day with my family members.

Owning this one, too.


I will create something every day.

This one? I suck at it. There’s just no softening the blow, here–I have totally failed this goal and have really no idea how to do better. I’m trying to find a way to set aside one, specific hour each day to just sit down and make something, but I haven’t managed to pull it off yet.

I’m giving myself an F.


Apart from that last goal, it’s been another fantastic week. I lost another three pounds, I’m feeling great, and making definite progress on nearly every front of this “war” I’m fighting.

So, how are you doing?