One of my favorite things about having a kid (apart from the fact that my daughter is just straight-up awesome), is that I get to fill her head with whatever I want.

That’s a powerful drug, people.

I try to use my powers for good, of course, but every now and then I try to feed her some nonsense. Like the time I told her that a band of lemurs migrated to the United States in the 1920s after being driven out of their homeland because of their insatiable desire to do other people’s hair.

And deception like that might be reason for concern, if her first reaction wasn’t to go look up whatever I say, construct an argument to eviscerate my position, and cite her sources. She’s twelve, now, but she demolished my lemur tale, in this manner, at age eight.

So I don’t really see this so much as lying, but as training her for the next four to eight years.

Anyway, beyond sharing my theories on the career choices and persecution of strepsirrhine primates, my role as a child indoctrination specialist also affords me the ability to expose her to all sorts of entertainment options—including Bablylon 5, which only recently became available for legal streaming.

I love that show, and Alex is enjoying it as well. Yeah, we joke a bit about the dated special effects (such as the hilariously-low-budget preying mantis “fixer” that even the producers seemed quick to realize was too much), and some of the guest actors are…less than good.

But still! I think you’d be hard pressed to find one other show with as much narrative cohesion, or as many memorable moments as that one. And a science-fiction show? Forget it. There’s always been a serious dearth of even decent sci-fi on television, let alone a show that’s inarguably good.

We’re only watching one or two episodes a day, so we’re still pretty early on in the show, but she already seems hooked on it, and she has strong opinions on most of the characters.

Not sure who her favorite is, yet. But my money’s on Kosh.