Waking Up

My daughter goes back to school in about a week, which means it’s time for me to start setting my alarm and stop sleeping in.

That’s not going well.

Normally, I’m up by six anyway. I don’t know if it’s because that’s what I’ve somehow gotten used to, but it’s what happens. No matter when I get to sleep, it’s over by about the same time, no matter how fervently I’d like to enjoy a summer of sleeping in.

Now that summer’s basically over, I should be getting up at five. So, for the last two days, I’ve set my alarm, it’s gone off at the appointed hour, and one of two things have happened. I either went right back to sleep, or I stayed up and spent the entire day feeling like an extra in a George Romero film.

And yeah, sure, two days isn’t much of a sample size, and I still have a full week to get myself on track, but this year already feels like the hardest one yet. To the point where I’m pretty sure that when I do finally start getting up reliably at five, I should just stick to that time and never deviate. That I should give up on sleeping in or lazing about in bed, and resign myself to a life of waking up an hour before the rest of the known universe.

Of course, right now, I’d settle for just getting up on time twice in a row.