Writing, playing, and not sleeping

It’s been a weird few weeks.

I figure I’m getting about one good night of sleep out of three, where “good night” means about six hours of being dead to the world. The other two nights? Yeeeeaaaaahhhh…let’s not even talk about them.

Insomnia blows. And it’s blowing extra hard for me right now because I’m stuck in a writing project I’d really like to finish, but it is kind of impossible to even get into when I’m so sleep-deprived I’m getting motion hallucinations, and the few functioning brain cells I have are busy counting the hours to the next time I can put my head on a pillow.

Wow. I just had a whole, minute-long blank stare at the screen after typing that last paragraph. Jesus, I’m screwed.

Anyway, what little writing I’ve managed to do has been pretty fun. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m having more fun with it than I’ve had in years, which is saying a lot. Or would be, if I didn’t have this nagging feeling that it’s nothing but gibberish and I’m too tired and out of it to notice.

Whatever. At least I got a new phone.

My old one finally hit the glass ceiling of available memory, and Android’s pretty damn cranky when that happens. Updates wouldn’t download, I had to clear cache and reboot multiple times a day–it wasn’t fun. So, I dug deep and pulled a couple hundred bucks out of my ass for a new phone.

A new phone which has a new, much nicer camera than my old one.

Oh, happy day!

Even with the whole lack of sleep thing harshing my mellow, I’ve been having a blast with this thing–going out every day, experimenting with all the available settings, and generally just playing around.

I’ve mainly been posting over on my Instagram and Facebook profiles, but if you don’t follow me there, I’ve thrown a few of my photos into a gallery here…

Some of it’s pretty weird, but, as I said, it’s been a weird few weeks.