You know what day it is

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time for another “Wednesday Update.” I’ve been really focused on my goals this week, but I’m doing my goal-oriented, “check-in” posts on Mondays. Whereas these “Wednesday Updates” are a completely different thing.

I mean, they go up on Wednesdays, for one thing. And they’re called “updates” and not “check-ins.” So see, totally different, and not at all a desperate attempt to maintain an optimal, three-post-per-week schedule so you’ll keep coming back.

My neck is slightly less haunted.

The disconcerting pain in my neck/brain stem is getting better. It mostly just feels Kinda Sorta Stiff, though yesterday it dialed itself back up to Really Super Painful and gave me a headache which lasted all afternoon.

Still, it seems to be improving. So, I’m sticking with my strategy of ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

Appointment season has begun.

Most of mine and my daughter’s annual physicals, dental visits, and assorted stabbings with small needles all come at the end of the year. That means every week one of us has to undergo some form of poking and prodding. And that means our already-taxed-due-to-the-holidays daily routine is thrown completely out of whack.

This year, though, I’ve somehow managed to keep all of my daughter’s appointments outside of the normal school day. That’s made things a bit easier, but…yeah. Can’t say I’m happy with having to do all this stuff along with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas-related activities.

Some fava beans and a nice chianti.

I’ve started watching a movie a week with Alex, both as a way to spend time together, and also to broaden her exposure to mature fiction. This week’s feature was Silence of the Lambs, which she liked quite a lot.

But me? I was blow away.

I’ve seen the movie half-a-dozen times, but not since I’ve started to learn about photography. There’s an obvious overlap between photography and cinematography, so studying one gives you a bare-bones, intuitive feel for the other.

And wow. This movie is shot unlike any other film I can remember. It’s most noticeable in the dialog, but the composition and framing throughout the movie is so unique that I want to grab the screenplay, watch the movie again, and do a methodical, shot-by-shot breakdown of it.

Of course, when I started rambling on about all this, the other members of my household got all glassy-eyed and just started nodding and saying “uh-huh,” in the hope that I’d wrap it up quickly, but whatever. I appreciate my insights, even if they don’t.

Anyway, that’s how my week’s been going. What are you up to?